Technical Projects

I am currently a Privacy Engineer at the Wikimedia Foundation.

I hold a B.S. in Computer Science, and have held technical internships at the New York Times, New Hampshire Democratic Party, and as a researcher at Brown University.

Relevant coursework includes: Computer Systems, Computer Systems Security, Cryptography, Theory of Computation, Distributed Computer Systems, Deep Learning, Algorithms for the People.

Here’s my Github profile. Any code that I still have access to can be made available on request.


Name (classes marked with *):Skills, Languages, Frameworks:Description:
Turtl Vanishing Database*Javascript, Rust, applied cryptographyIntegrated complex cryptography into Turtl, an open-source, fully-encrypted collaborative notes app
NYT Cooking RecommendationsGo, Python, BigQueryBuilt and validated new algorithms for recipe recommendation for 600,000+ NYT cooking users.
New Hampshire Democratic PartyPython, BigQueryConceptualized, deployed, and monitored ML algorithms to leverage data about support and volunteer propensity among voters.
Opioid Data Journalism*Product management, Python, d3.jsCurrently PM-ing large-scale data analysis and reporting on the opioid crisis in RI.
Deep Learning (Ethics TA)*Python, Google ColabCo-wrote and designed an ethically-engaged curriculum for a 370-person deep learning class for Brown’s Responsible CS program.
ELVO AIPython, Keras, TensorflowFounding member of a medical AI research team studying automated diagnosis of large strokes using machine learning.
Secure Dropbox*GoWrote a secure file storage application in go for a computer systems security class.
Puddlestore*GoWith a partner, wrote a demo version of Oceanstore for a distributed systems class.