Technical Projects

I am currently a Senior Privacy Engineer at the Wikimedia Foundation, where I work on large-scale implementations of differential privacy, high-level policy, and (sometimes) AI.

I hold a B.S. in Computer Science, and have held technical internships at the New York Times, New Hampshire Democratic Party, and as a researcher at Brown University.

Relevant coursework includes: Computer Systems, Computer Systems Security, Cryptography, Theory of Computation, Distributed Computer Systems, Deep Learning, Algorithms for the People.

Here are my Github and Gitlab profiles. Any code that I still have access to can be made available on request.


Name (classes marked with *):Skills, Languages, Frameworks:Description:
PEPR 2024 Program CommitteeAcademic editing, conference program curationServing on the PEPR 2024 program committee, reading, evaluating, and editing conference programs to ensure an effective conference
WMF Differential PrivacyPython, Golang, Spark, statistics cryptography, data engineeringBuilt data infrastructure and processes for using differential privacy at the Wikimedia Foundation. Increased the amount of pageview data WMF releases by 40x, while keeping users safer.
Turtl Vanishing Database*Javascript, Rust, applied cryptographyIntegrated complex cryptography into Turtl, an open-source, fully-encrypted collaborative notes app.
NYT Cooking RecommendationsGo, Python, BigQueryBuilt and validated new algorithms for recipe recommendation for 600,000+ NYT cooking users.
New Hampshire Democratic PartyPython, BigQueryConceptualized, deployed, and monitored ML algorithms to leverage data about support and volunteer propensity among voters.
Opioid Data Journalism*Product management, Python, d3.jsCurrently PM-ing large-scale data analysis and reporting on the opioid crisis in RI.
Deep Learning (Ethics TA)*Python, Google ColabCo-wrote and designed an ethically-engaged curriculum for a 370-person deep learning class for Brown’s Responsible CS program.
ELVO AIPython, Keras, TensorflowFounding member of a medical AI research team studying automated diagnosis of large strokes using machine learning.